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types of pilot license

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CPL license

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What is cpl license?

CPL is a basically Commercial Pilot License which allows a holder to work as a pilot of the aircraft and gets paid for his/her work. You will require to join some CPL courses in order to get your CPL license you join our pilot training in USA course for becoming a professional pilot. There are some eligibility criteria for getting a commercial pilot license

eligibility criteria for cpl

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There are some eligibility criteria for cpl license you must comply them in order to get your commercial pilot license

• A applicant should have done the 12th class in the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and English subjects.

• Minimum aggregate of 50% marks to become eligible for CPL

• Min age limit 17 Year old Max age limit 60 - 65 Years

• Pass the class 2 medical test to become eligible for CPL.


After successfully completing Private Pilot Licence, one becomes eligible in working with both the government and private airlines. You can also work as professional with your ppl licence you can become - Co-Pilot, Chief Pilot, Commuter Pilot, to First Officer and Test Pilot, these professionals can be best suitable for any of such posts.

eligibility criteria for ppl

For getting your ppl license you must comply these requirements then only you can get your ppl license

• age limit - not less than 17 year

• Candidate must have completed 10th from recognized board

• Should be medically fit as per the DGCA guidelines. Class 2 Medical certificate

• Flying experience must have 40 hours flying time

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What is DGCA class 1 & 2 medical exam

DGCA is a medical exam for testing your fitness you must obtain class 1 and class 2 medical certification in order to get your commercial pilot license. while class 2 is require while joining the training program while class 1 can be obtained during the training.

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class 1 Medical certificate

DGCA class 1 medical test list First class medical certificate requirements include checks of eyesight, ears, psychical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function, cholesterol blood, hemoglobin blood, chest X-ray, urine, period of validity. 

ECG can show disorders of the heart rhythm and sometimes it can show a lack of blood supplying the heart muscle. 

Chest X-ray investigation is not required for PART-FCL Class 1, but may be required when indicated on clinical or epidemiological grounds.  

Lung Function Test is used to test ability to breathe deeply and to expel air from your lungs. 

Physical Examination is a general check that all is functioning correctly. It will cover the lungs, heart, blood pressure, stomach, limbs and nervous system.

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class 2 Medical certificate

dgca class 2 medical test list A 2nd class medical certificate is required only for General Aviation pilots – those that fly as a hobby. 

As the holder is not involved in commercial activities like flight activities, the certificate is not so restrictive; still, the holder of the medical certificate must be mentally and physically fit to exercise the privileges of the applicable license safely.

Air Navigation

as its name explains all air navigation which means controlling the crafts also planning controlling movements of crafts successful navigation includes piloting an craft from one place to other place 

Air Navigation syllabus

lets go through our main section in syllabus

General Navigation (10 days)

Instrumentation (7 days)

Radio Navigation (10 days)

Mass and Balance (7 days)

Aircraft Performance (7 days)

Air Regulations in aviation course

Air regulation exam is considered as fourth toughest exam and you will need to learn  International Agreements and Organizations, Airworthiness of Aircraft & etc.

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