pg medical training in germany

Do you know that you can boost your competence and career by obtaining a post-graduate medical training in  Germany (called Medical Specialist Training in Germany)? If you wish to know more how this can further your  Medical career along with a very high quality of professional and living standards, read further.

Advanced Health Care System

The Training is carried out in such a way that every trainee gets attached to a fully functional hospital exposing you to highly advanced medical techniques and technologies to help you become a highly sought in Medicine Specialization after doctor.

The Post graduate medical Specialist Training system in Germany familiarizes you with all modern tools and technology needed to help solve current health challenges. 

This medical training makes you competent enough to fit into any society you find yourself in, no matter how sophisticated it is.

Eligibility criteria

Anyone who has a medical undergraduate degree, proof of 12 months rotator internship and a license to practice (Registration with the Medical Council) is eligible to apply for PG Medical Specialist Training in Germany. Those who studied their Bachelor’s medical degree outside the EU area can be accepted; however, the sole and final decision is made by the Medical licensing authority in Germany. It is highly likely that the body would require you to do an Assessment Test or an Equivalent Exam before offering you Approbation (a license to practice medicine).

Unless you have better qualifications and ample experience, doing this test is a must. Another thing that could boost your acceptability is having excellent German language skills—level C1. We offer level C1 as part of our PGMP (Post Graduate Mentoring Program) program in Germany and would advise you to take your B2 level course in your country. Our PGMP is designed our to give qualified doctors enough skills and expertise to effectively apply for their Medical Specialist Training in Germany.

All the postgraduate courses in medicine in Germany (known as Medical Specialist Training in Germany) are meant to fine-tune doctors into becoming world-class professionals. You do not need to be confused about this anymore. Consider yourself a great and experienced doctor by the time you are done with this training. Take advantage of this opportunity for a very bright and immensely satisfying career.

Post-Graduate Medical Specialist Training in Germany throws up great challenges for Doctors from abroad. It not only requires you to learn a new language but also exposes you to the rigorous demands of the German Education system and expects you to adapt to a very different Hospital culture.

We are fully equipped to prepare you to successfully apply for a PG Medical Specialist Training position in Germany.  Our vast experience in the Germany Medical preparation and training arena has given us deep insights into the challenges faced by foreign doctors aspiring to obtain PG Medical specialist training positions in Germany. The structure of Our Post-Graduate Mentoring Program (PGMP) is flexible and reflects the ever-evolving needs of the German Hospitals while considering the specific requirements of the participants. 

If you are a hardworking young Medical doctor with a Medical degree from outside the EU and wish to obtain the highly coveted Medical Specialist qualification –-from Germany; we conduct one of the most successful and proven preparatory program(PGMP) to achieve your dream.

The guiding Philosophy of our PGMP


it offers more real-life exposure and allows each participant to progress at their pace. We prepare each participant to adapt rapidly to the German society in general and specifically to the German healthcare industry to enable them to swiftly integrate into the hospital work culture. Each participant is assessed separately at the beginning and a dedicated training path and pace is set to guide the participant towards the ultimate goal of obtaining the PG Medical Specialist training position. Adherence to this value system has resulted in 100% success rate of our participants. Rest assured, we offer you the best solution in Post Graduate Medical Education.

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Above all, throughout the program, a lot of professional networking, excursions to healthcare facilities and hospitals, active participation in Medical/healthcare exhibitions and participation in various cultural events are included to enable participants to acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence to function as a Medical doctor as well as responsible member of the German society.

Select your Medical Specializations to view the syllabus:


The above list is indicative. Some available programs may not be listed. All possible Medical Specializations are available in Germany.